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8 PATH SOLUTIONS specializes in integrating the core elements (people, process, technology, expertise) to create innovative strategic, technical, and data science solutions.


​We utilize clinical diagnosis, scientific rigor, and technical expertise to meet the immediate needs of our clients and determine the optimal executable strategies to achieve measurable results.​ 

We work with our clients to find the optimal executable strategies, develop ​effective integrated solutions that leverage existing systems, create customized tools, and utilize the latest data science methodologies.

We offer an initial assessment to analyze the specific needs of each client, identify the services that will produce tangible and measurable results, and implement an winning strategy.




The concept of 8 paths to a solution is derived loosely from the Buddhist Noble eightfold path, 8 essential qualities one must embody and integrate harmoniously on the path to enlightenment. 


The eightfold path encompasses discipline, focus, and thoughtfulness.


Applying this same approach, 8 PATH SOLUTIONS LLC incorporates EVERY possible avenue of analysis in our pursuit of the most optimal solution.


We take every step necessary to ensure success and consider the options before selecting an approach or making a recommendation.



To pioneer an innovative, dynamic approach to client engagements that bridges the gap between science, technology, and industry.


Provide business services that integrates the core elements (People, Process, Technology, Expertise) to create innovative strategic, technical and data science solutions.


Develop new products through research and collaboration.


Discover new approaches and applications for science and engineering.

The Art of Data Science

After marveling at Michelangelo’s statue of David, the Pope asked Michelangelo, “How do you know what to cut away?”


Michelangelo replied, “It’s simple. I just remove everything that doesn’t look like David.”


The process of working with data is similar to Michelangeo’s approach. We start by looking at the data and come up with ideas about our approach based on the patterns we notice in the data set.  Then, we start testing these ideas and use the results as a starting point to determine whether any of our ideas were on the right track. Based on our results, we can either abandon our approach or tweak the design to see whether the results improve.


Until this point, we have used a technique often used by writers, brainstorming, one used by scientists, hypothesis testing, and a bit of engineering, tweaking our design. The art of data analysis lies somewhere in between, but accuracy is always at the heart of good results. The creative development process for data works best when you can start with more than enough data, devise a well formulated question, remove any unnecessary pieces of information, and arrive at an answer.


To learn more about our apporach to data, check out our first blog post:


Your advice helped me tweak my presentation in a way that propelled it to reach Ambassador Michael A. Battle.


I leave for Africa on the 10 of November for meetings.

Thank you.

- Political Campaign Manager & Social Entrepreneur

Your advice helped me tweak my presentation in a way that propelled it to reach Ambassador Michael A. Battle.


I leave for Africa on the 10 of November for meetings. Thank you.

- Dean at an Ivy League University

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