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Good Questions, Better Answers


We investigate any open questions, interests, or theories using scientificand data science methodologies.


  • Objective, unbiased perspective - We conduct our analysis and research independently with the highest level of integrity and ethics to ensure the accuracy, quality, and integrity of our work.

  • Investigations into complex systems, unanswered questions, and unstructured data sets.




Based on the project, we offer a wide range of deliverables ranging from infographics to publishable technical reports. Deliverables are customized for each client's goals and can include:


  • Publishable Professional Quality Reports

  • Infographics

  • Techical Reports and Whitepapers

  • Surveys

  • Data Science Solutions - new algorithms, automated reports, etc.


We also offer our exclusive solutions and deliverables that are custom designed to meet your needs:

  • Data Workup

  • Visual Case Study





We ensure our clients receive maximum value through our exclusive method for providing services and products in data analytics, data science, and BI.



o   What happens when you see a doctor for an ache or pain? He takes a detailed history,  asks about your symptoms and maybe runs a few tests like drawing blood or an X-ray. All that information is compiled to reach a diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment plan for the patient


o   We do the same for our clients. Whether it’s a project that’s gone wrong or developing a strategy for improving efficiency,  we have got the right medicine. We offer an unprecedented,  innovative work up that will maximize value and minimize pain.

    This includes:

§  comprehensive history of their data collection and current objectives

§  examination and evaluation of analytics and data processes

§  Integrate our findings and insights with client objectives

§  Diagnose the issue

§  Prescribe and administer the right solutions to achieve the goal





Visual Case Study goes beyond traditional data analysis and offers a new way represent complex information. It offers a visual component to data analysis and integrates it with the traditional case study.


Similar to case studies, each visual case study is different and by adding the data analysis and visualization component, we can offer a more complex and dynamic tool for learning, reporting, and presenting information.





One of the most effective ways to establish your company's brand and expertise or gain a competitive edge is to investigate and publish new findings that can provide insight to open questions and hot topics.


Our research reports will do just that and give you the added benefits of:

  • Gaining a competitve edge from new findings in the report

  • Generating brand awareness & increase website traffic through press, including blogs, magazines, newspapers, and social networks.

  • Positioning your company as an industry leader.



What makes us our research engagements unique?


All sponsored research projects will be lead by Jennifer Shin, Founder & Principal Consultant of 8 Path Solutions, and you will have direct access to her expertise in industry as well as her Ivy League background in mathematics, statistics, economics, survey design, research design, and analytics.


Unlike other firms, we are not limited to surveys and survey analysis. Jennifer has a wide range of research experience that includes:

  • creating a new metric to determine the accuracy of key word selection,

  • finding new trends in yearly grant contributions,

  • integrating multiple sources of data to find new insights and conduct market research, and

  • designing a new way to assess drug safety based on the FDA's Adverse Events Systems Reporting database, which contains over 4.2 million data points.


The research findings will be presented to you in advance of the study release and we will be available to offer our expertise for your promotional campaigns and media efforts.


We will also use our networks to generate interest in the report and further your branding efforts. By conducting our research independent of your company, we can lend credibility to all new findings reported to the media and the public.

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