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This is not an exhaustive list of our services, but serves to give clients an idea of what we can offer. 

We always welcome interesting and challenging projects​ that may not fall neatly into any one category. 

Proprietary Tools + Services: 
Visual Case Study

Visual Case Study is a Data Science tool that delivers new insights and expert analysis by utilizing data science, analytics,  advanced data analysis, and visualizations.


Each report is:

  • special tailored for each engagement

  • most commonly used for marketing, reporting, and educational purpose

Proprietary Tools + Services: 
Data Workup℠
  • Data Workup℠ captures the health of your data and the processes used to collect, manage, store, process, and aggregate this information

  • Research Strategy & Design

  • In depth analysis of complex problems

  • Data Driven Recommendations

  • Independent Validation of Research Findings & Results


Big Data

  • Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Data Mining

  • Data Migration

  • Data Cleaning

  • Data Aggregation (OLAP Cubes)

Strategy & Operations
Consulting Services
  • Strategic Data Analysis

  • IT/Business Alignment

  • Third Party Software Development

  • Solution Design, Testing & Implementation

Business Intelligence

  • Design, Customization, and Implementation of:  KPIs, Metrics, & Dashboards

  • Executive & Management Reporting Solutions

  • Predictive Analytics

  • OLAP Cube Design & Implementation

Systems Integration

Mathematical & Statistical Analysis



  • Integrating Multiple Data Sources

  • New Business Processes for Complex Data & Systems

  • Customizing Business Intelligence Platforms 

  • Strategic Data Analysis

  • New Metrics & Analytics

  • Validation of Current Metrics & Analytic Tools

  • Financial & Data Modeling

  • Advanced & complex calculations



Custom Services


8 Path Solutions LLC is available to tackle challenging problems that may not yet have a clear solution or industry standard.

Please call or email to discuss your specific requirements and let us work to solve your challenging problems.

Benefits of Custom Business Services

  • Minimize costs by eliminating unnecessary services 
  • Maximize control over projects
  • Adjustable Timeline
  • Flexibility to produce the most optimal solution
  • Operational Assessment

  • IT/Business Alignment

  • Developing New Policies & Procedures

  • Workflows


Business Process
Automation & Reengineering
Technical Advisory
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